Our Class Offerings

We have found that students learn better and have more fun when in a group with their friends. In keeping with our philosophy of "learning while doing", all classes are focused on preparing for regular performances.Our small group classes have a  student/teacher ratio of 3:1, to allow for plenty of individualized instruction. Let's create some music together! To register and sign up for one of these classes, go Here.

For ages 4-8, a class all about getting started playing music! Students will rotate between piano, violin, and ukulele each week.

  • 60 minute weekly class
  • Study singing, rhythm and timing, tone, hearing differences between instruments, and focused ear training
  • Students will begin to understand musical context and physical and cognitive development is emphasized. Memorization is begun at this level.
  • No instrument rental or purchase is required, although if the student already has a teacher-approved instrument, they can bring it to class.
  • No at-home practice is required- instead students and parents will listen to a provided playlist and watch some YouTube videos, to prepare for the Beginner level classes.
  • Performances every 2-3 months
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Piano Class

  • For ages 7 and up, beginner-intermediate level. 60 minute weekly class
  • Semi-private, with keyboards and headphones, each student will progress at his/her own pace
  • Learn technique, start repertoire building, reading music
  • Chord theory and rhythm is emphasized, with occasional interactions with other classes for group jamming and Student Gig preparation
  • Continued emphasis on memorization and listening, with playlists for students to listen to at home, and memorization contests in studio
  • Students can audition or be invited from this class to Intermediate Strings & Band 
  • Performances every 2-3 months
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Fiddle Class

  • For  ages 7 and up, beginner-intermediate level fiddle. 60 minute weekly class
  • Typically, students under the age of 8 will get started in an Intro to Music Class, before moving to fiddle class.
  • Class is divided into 2 levels, with 2 teachers. 
  • Learn proper technique,tone and instrument basics
  • Emphasis on ear training, learning and memorizing songs, group dynamics, performance preparation, and beginner level music theory. 
  • Students can audition or be invited from this class to Intermediate Strings & Band
  • Performances every 2-3 months
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Guitar and Ukulele Class or lessons

  • For ages 8 and up, beginner to early intermediate levels, 60 minute weekly class or 30 minute private lessons
  • Under the age of 10, ukulele is our "starter guitar." Typically, with focus from the student, the switch can be made to guitar in 6-9 months.
  • Ukulele and guitar are taught either in private sessions, or in one of our group classes, depending on scheduling.
  • Students who wish to learn electric guitar, or are beyond beginner level are encouraged to book private lessons
  • Learn chords, leads, rhythm and strum patterns, and begin developing the ear
  • Memorization is prioritized for these instruments
  • Students are invited from this class to Intermediate Strings & Band
  • Performances every 2-3 months
  • Ukulele  Guitar