Intro to Music- ukulele

For ages 5-7, group class

For students who want to get right to playing strings, ukulele is an excellent choice The instrument is inexpensive, and parents can easily learn alongside their young student. One class per week, $80/month

Beginner level classes

Beginner Guitar Class

For ages 9-12, group class

Getting started with guitar! This class is for kids who are new to guitar- either moving from ukulele, or starting from the beginning. Learn the basics of the instrument, chords, strumming, leads, and jamming! Includes Skill Builder class, $100/month

Beginner Ukulele Class

For ages 6-8, group class

Build on your experience in Intro to Music, or get started for kids who are a bit older. Develop finger strength, learn new chords and strumming patterns, request your favorite song to learn. Includes Skill Builder Class, $100/month

Beginner piano

For ages 5-8, group class

For older kids, or those who have been in Intro to Piano, a class to start learning more about piano! Chord theory, note reading, playing songs, competitions, and more! Includes Skill Builder Class, $100/month

private and semi-private Lessons

Beginner Fiddle Lessons

For ages 6 and up

For beginner students of the fiddle, we have both small group and private instruction. Depending on scheduling, we typically blend one-on-one instruction with group  class time, and a Skill Builder class is included. $130/month

Piano Lessons

For ages 8 and up

Once your student has passed the beginner level, they can transition into our semi-private piano class. Students get one-on-one time with the teacher, as well as group learning time in this class. Also includes the Skill Builder Class. $130/month

Private lessons

For all ages

For older students, adults, and those who wish to take their playing to the next level. Available for guitar, ukulele, fiddle, piano, bass, mandolin, cello, and drums.

Skill Builder and Private Lessons

Skill Builder Class

Thursday group classes

For students who have passed the Intro/1 class per week level, these classes are for learning theory, practicing rhythm and timing, music notation, and more. These are an upbeat way to close out the week, and students have a great time competing against each other in friendly song battles! Included in your tuition for Beginner, Hybrid, and private lessons.

We offer instruction for piano, fiddle/violin, guitar, ukulele, bass, mandolin, cello, and drums. Lessons are on Zoom, in the comfort of your home. There are limited openings for in person lessons in Georgetown, TX. We offer a unique blend of private and group instruction, including twice weekly classes. Tuition varies, depending on class size, length, and how many classes per week.