Our duo act has been over 25 years in the making. With our kids getting older and a bit more time on our hands, we are refocusing on the music that brought us together as teenagers. It's hard to define our genre, so we call it "Americana" or "Hillbilly Jazz." We love to play and we mostly want to convey the joy of music to our audience. So the song era, genre, tempos, and (definitely) instruments will change as you watch our show, but the overall vibe invites you to sit back, tap your toe, dance, sing along, or maybe just reminisce about bygone eras. We're serious musicians who just can't be all that serious - so stop by, say hello, bring your friends, your grandma or your grandkids, everyone's gonna have fun! Below are some of our songs. We keep our YouTube channel updated with new videos regularly, so if you like what we do, go ahead and subscribe!