Deanna Wilson

Deanna started playing piano at the age of 8. She went on to learn multiple other stringed instruments and lead her siblings in a family band for all of her teenage years. After marrying Andrew in 1998, Deanna continued to perform and began to teach piano while their 4 kids were young. As Deanna and Andrew moved and traveled throughout the US with their own young family band, Deanna managed the teaching and performing businesses, and helped teach her own kids as well. Based in Texas for the last 7 years, and stumbling into online teaching during the 2020 Covid shutdowns, Deanna is loving teaching virtual piano lessons, and spends her spare time singing and playing, learning the harp, and staying active through biking, kayaking, and hiking.

How Does it Work?

Our asynchronous virtual classes are ongoing, but students can join anytime. We start with an orientation meeting, via Zoom. This helps the teacher meet the student, see what instrument and equipment they'll be using, and give pointers about getting the most out of virtual lessons. Once a student joins, they'll immediately start with their first lesson in their account. Each Friday. a new lesson is sent to the student. Our teachers are developing new curriculum weekly, so bonus lessons, live Meet-ups, a library of content, and individualized video instruction are all at your fingertips! Private sessions with the teacher can be booked at a rate of $25/session. Available times are released via the weekly newsletter, and can be booked on an as needed basis.

Virtual Piano Classes

Some of our favorite perks of virtual:

-No travel time, no lost lesson time for traffic or other mishaps, parents can listen in or make dinner in the next room. Convenient!

-No lost time arriving and getting settled in the studio- students can prep at home and access their lessons whenever it's convenient.

-Comfort for the students, being in their own environment and on their own instrument. We notice that students seem to focus better and learn more quickly on our virtual platform.

-Using technology, the teacher is better able to give each student individualized instruction throughout the week, not just once a week for 30 minutes.

-No more missed lessons, rescheduling around vacations or sickness. Our platform allows access to all lessons until the student has mastered the level. 

-Without the need for studio space, tuition prices can be kept down, teacher and students minimize the passing of sickness and are more comfortable, all parties have access to their materials (no more books left behind at home or studio!)

Are Virtual Piano Classes right for my student?

If your student is at least 6 years old, has interest in music, is able to focus for 30 minutes at a time, and is familiar with technology, virtual piano class will be a great fit!
For your setup at home, you will need a keyboard or piano, ipad or other tablet (phone is not recommended, the screen is too small for reading music the teacher shares), and a quiet space for the student to attend class, watch their weekly videos, and play their instrument. Parental involvement is encouraged, to help students remember their assignments, and schedule daily practice.