Virtual Piano Class Requirements

What do I need and how does this work?

About virtual piano lessons with Wilson Piano Method

Your student will need:

A keyboard or piano with full sized keys. 

An ipad or similar tablet for Zoom meetings and to access Tonara to receive lesson assignments. Students practice with the Tonara app to get points and climb the leaderboard, so they should be able to access the device daily. A phone will work for Tonara, but students MUST attend class on a tablet or computer, in order to see all the screenshares.

A printer to print pdfs- there are typically 2-3 pages per week. Some students do well just reading these on a tablet and saving paper!

A quiet spot to attend Zoom meetings, and an adult to help the student manage their time and plan regular practice times.



Beginner Piano Class Registration

Beginner Piano Class is offered 3 times per week, 3 weeks per month. Students can attend any or all of the offered classes. Weekly lesson assignments are sent in Tonara every week.

Classes start October 3rd, are ongoing  and continue on the same schedule monthly. Additional class times may be added. Students will register for the Monday 3:30 class by default, and will be added to all other classes offered. Parents will receive text and email reminders for each available class time. You can choose to cancel out of any classes you won't be able to attend. Students attend beginner level piano until they have mastered the course (12 lessons) and can pass the test. They then can move to Intermediate Piano Class. Live classes are 30 minutes long and group format.

Mondays 3:30pm

Mondays 5:30pm

Thursdays 4pm

After registration, please join the email list to the right and confirm your email by checking your inbox/social or spam filters for an email from Student families must be on our email list for communication purposes. Registration and payment below is through Fons, our scheduling and payment portal.

Tuition is $99/monthly for up to 9 classes per month, weekly lesson assignments and access to the teacher through Tonara anytime. (Deanna typically responds within 1-12 hours, depending on time of day/week.) First tuition payment due at registration. Tuition is autopay on that same day each month, unless registration is before October 3, in which case, the second tuition payment will charge on November 3rd. Please give 30 days notice from tuition payment date to cancel classes.


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