So y0u want to learn Ukulele?

Online beginner Camp- for All Ages!

All you need is a ukulele, and we'll get you started in this self-paced camp for ages 6 and up. A total of 5 classes, 30 minutes each day, will get you well on your way. Learn how to tune the instrument, string names, chords, songs, and strum patterns. The class is on Zoom, and is supplemented by a personalized lesson that arrives in your email with printable chord diagrams, song sheets, video recordings and more. This camp is limited to the first 6 enrollees. July 6-10, 2pm-2:30pm CST $75

So you want to play guitar?

Online Camp for ages 10 and up

An introduction to guitar, geared at a bit older ages. We typically recommend that guitar be taken up after learning ukulele for younger ages. This class is good for middle schoolers and above, and will introduce the basics of tuning, chords, strum patterns and even picking a little bit of lead. The 30 minute class on Zoom is supplemented by personalized practice plans and materials that come directly to your email, including video, downloadable PDF chord diagrams and songs. July 6-10, 3:00-3:30pm CST  $75