I don't think virtual lessons are as good as in person- why should I choose them?

 For beginner piano especially, virtual lessons can deliver you superior value, for much less travel and wait time as a parent! I interact with my virtual students multiple times per week, as opposed to the once a week schedule I had when in the studio. I see parents being far more involved with their kid's musical education, and adults enjoying the ability to replay their lesson over and over or send questions in between assignments. In my opinion, this is a great way for motivated students to progress and get a solid musical foundation!

How do Virtual Lessons work?

My online/virtual lessons are very similar to how I would teach in real life! The biggest difference is that so much content is delivered in the assignment each week. This allows students to absorb the material in the time that they need and without needing to be on a schedule.  During Live classes students can get real- time feedback on their progress and ask any questions they have.

What do We need at Home?

A piano or keyboard- at least 62 keys, touch sensitive and a sustain pedal.  

A quiet room for live classes, and/or for the student to focus on video learning. 

A laptop or tablet for live classes and to access assignments. (A smartphone is not a big enough screen to work here- it's important to give your student all the advantage you can for learning virtually!)  

A printer is very helpful, as weekly lessons include worksheets and music to be printed. Otherwise, a separate device may be needed during live classes to access any music the student is learning from.

Do I need to buy anything else?

Other than maintaining your instrument and electronics, almost everything else you will need is provided by me. I write and produce much of my piano curriculum. Along with studio licensed sheet music and lessons, this will form the bulk of your assignments. Your $25 registration fee covers your private Intro session and all of your materials/music as long as you're in my studio!

What is the Parent's Job?