Deanna Wilson, Owner/Instructor at Play Keys With Ease

I started playing piano as soon as I could climb up on the bench. My official career as a piano student was about 4 years long- like many kids, I took piano lessons, kinda practiced what my teacher wanted me to, but mostly wandered off on my own path. A few years later, I found myself learning stringed instruments in jam sessions and festival setting- informally, but it became a huge part of my life. At that point, I doubled back to piano and used my keyboard knowledge to help me develop as a string musician and vocalist. When I had kids, teaching piano became something I could do at home with them, and I really began to fall in love with the instrument all over again. 15 years later, I've had the privilege of teaching hundreds of students, and began teaching fully online in 2020. In the last few years, I've gotten interested in developing my own approach to piano. While teaching kids as young as 3 all the way up to adults at retirement age, one of the things I notice is that piano is an instrument that can give the student fairly instant gratification- and that's what starts the love story for most people. Keeping that spark alive and helping my students get to the next level is a thrill for me.
 I myself love to play and sing, and much of my piano playing is "by ear", using the knowledge that I've gained of music theory. Many people benefit from this approach, and it's a positive thing to be able to hear music and play it! I teach my students to use basic keyboard knowledge, scales and chords, and their ear to eventually be able to read notes OR use their ear and play songs they want to play. 

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